Space for IBC tanks

Hola, today we made more space for 2 IBC tanks for collecting the water from the ram pump. The blocks of concrete are inclined slightly in the direction of the tanks. We already removed the white tank and waiting for 2 black ones!


Renovating the Compost Toilet

Hi, today we renovated one of our compost toilets, changing the walls made of cane. First we collected cane from around Los Molinos with the help of students from Southampton University and other volunteers There must be 2 volunteers somewhere between the cane…can you find them?? In the meanwhile, other volunteers are cutting the cane,…


Kitchen roof

Today we will finish completely the roof of the detached kitchen we’ve been restoring during this last year. Tools and materials for the rendering. Sergio and his first rendering!! The “Mortero Monocapa” with marble dust, very easy to apply.



A few months ago we started the works on isabellas main house where the old compost toilet was near to completion now the walls are getting a new look! The preparation of the mix using natural cement. Nacha and Dimitra working hard with the rendering. Many volunteers participated in the rendering, here Anna and Carlo.