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“Angel Hair Marmalade” preparation

Today it’s time to make Angel Hair marmalade with our very own Angel Hair vegetables from the gardens. Angel hair has a very hard skin as it comes from the pumpkin family so firstly we have to remove the outer layer and because it is a sunny today we can enjoy doing this outside in our workshop! cabellodeange.fuera After cutting away the skin we chop the vegetables into small chunks, take out the pips and keep them to replant again and exchange with others gardeners. cabello.angel.bol Angel hair is a quite sweet pumpkin but we still added a bit of sugar to it for extra sweetness. We also added cinnamon, lemon rind and some fresh ginger. We leave this all to boil in a big pan for about an hour so that it becomes softer and then we can blend it. cocinando.cabello.angel We preserve the marmalade using the ‘bain-marie’ method. Firstly we submerge the empty jars in boiling water for about 5 minutes in order to sterilize them. Then using ‘Bain Marie’ we place the marmalade inside with a ladle and seal the lids very tightly shut. Afterwards we place the jars upside down in boiling water for 20 minutes and then allow them to cool on a surface. It tastes so nice mmmmmm, spread on home made bread and enjoy!