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Bitter Seville Orange Marmalade

We harvest about 6kg of oranges from our trees next to gardens. In February there are plenty of oranges as they keep growing until April, we have a lot to eat but this type are very bitter so we use them to make marmalades! naranjas Firstly we cut the oranges in to 8 pieces and take out the seeds, placing them in a bowl to use later. After this is done we put all the orange segments in to a big bowl and leave them to soak in water overnight so that they become softer and less bitter. The next day we boil the oranges for one hour with enough water to cover half of them. Next we add 2kg of sugar for 3kg of oranges, but if you want it sweeter you can add more, and we also add the pips because they act as a perfect pectin. We places the pips in a muslin cloth and submerge it in the water, leaving everything to boil for another half an hour. We made 2 different batches- one with cloves and cinnamon and the other with ginger and nutmeg. And then its ready! naranja.cocinando The Orange Marmalade doesn’t need the “Bain Marie” method, it preserves itself quite good, because of the quantity of sugar (almost the same quantity of oranges we add the same quantity of sugar on it) and also the orange’s skin keeps the marmalade for months up to year. ana.mermelada.naranja We submerge the empty jars in boiling water for about 5 minutes in order to sterilize them. Afterwards we put the marmalade in the jars, we shot the lits properly and then leave them upside down until they get cooler the day after. naranja.batiendo.sergio Then they are ready to enjoy the bitter flavor, ready to eat for any moment of the day!!!!.