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Our courses are run by both internal and external facilitators with a focus on exploring environmental, economic, social and political sustainability topics. Join our structured programs to discover different tools and solutions for building a better future.
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Fechas 19 Abril a 3 de mayo 2020 Qué es la Permacultura La Permacultura es un sistema holístico de diseño que integra la sabiduría tradicional, ciencia y tecnología moderna para crear sistemas de producción y espacios habitables en armonía con los ecosistemas de los que forman parte. Campaña de difusión En este curso de diseño en permacultura trabajaremos de formas teóricas y prácticas todos los conceptos y saberes esenciales a tener en cuenta para regenerar paisajes degradados, comunidades y producir alimentos además de otros recursos naturales de formas saludables paraSEE DETAILS

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Dates May 17-31, 2020 Course Program The 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate course at Sunseed follows the curriculum as laid out in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture – A Designer’s Manual. It covers subjects ranging from ethics and principles of permaculture, natural systems, aquaculture, sustainable design methods, patterns in nature, land restoration, water harvesting, grey water recycling, natural building, food forests and guilds, energy conservation, appropriate technology, renewable energy, urban permaculture and invisible structures.The course teaches how to develop sustainable human settlements, and how to extend and preserve natural systems. The contentSEE DETAILS </s...

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What is Social Permaculture? Permaculture originated as an ecological method for designing sustainable settlements and more recently it has intertwined with more social contexts. Social Permaculture aims to design social systems that favour beneficial patterns of human behaviour. It looks at ways to organise, communicate and cooperate more effectively to create fair relationships In this one week course, we will dive deep into Social Permaculture and its tools, inspired by Rosemary Marrow’s work. It will provide the participants with not only information about activism, CSA’s, food sovereignty, alternative economies, communitySEE DETAILS </spa...

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