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Eco-Maintenance Coordinator

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Sunseed is a non-formal education project for the transition toward sustainability. We are entirely off-grid and committed to teaching visitors how to live a low-impact lifestyle in harmony with nature.

In line with our philosophy, we recycle and reuse materials wherever possible and make as much use from locally available materials such as gypsum and caña (a locally growing cane). We are increasingly trying to incorporate more ecological building materials into the restoration of our existing buildings.

One responsibility of the Maintenance Coordinator includes the supervision of the volunteers who are keen to help with maintenance-work, often having more enthusiasm than skills, as well as the application of clear Health and Safety standards. Bigger Projects require the help from local Construction-workers and need to be coordinated.

This is a volunteer position with compensation of 110 euros per month and a minimum commitment of 8 months.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assisting and supervising volunteers in carrying out tasks
  • Maintenance and Improvements of our Buildings
  • Building structures with local and recycled materials (wood, caña, mud...)
  • General maintenance of roofs, floors, doors, etc
  • Plastering with gypsum and lime, painting with limewash
  • Tools and material supervision
  • Applying Safety rules
  • Instructing on proper tool use
  • Ensuring unsafe tools are not used
  • Maintaining and repairing tools


  • Ability to lead and motivate volunteers, who range from those with a wealth of experience to those with little or none.
  • Knowledge of building skills including plumbing repairs, plastering, painting, etc. (Experience would be desirable)
  • Tolerance of hard physical work in hot conditions.
  • Ability to organise work schedules and work in a team.

Desirable Skills

  • Experience of water heating systems or rainwater catchment systems
  • Experience in ecological building techniques and materials.
  • Experience in using power tools
  • Experience in Plumbing
  • Ability to speak spanish