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Sunseed is a multifaceted project developing and experimenting with various topics from non-formal education, sustainability, biodiversity and self-sufficiency. Our departments are organised into three teams to cover all fields.
Each department runs different activities. As a volunteer or intern you can join one department to master a specific skill or experiment in different departments to broaden your learning experience.

Sustainable Living

From homemade bread and jam, to natural cosmetics and cleaning products, the SL department demonstrates the use of local, sustainable products. Ensuring the smooth running of Sunseed’s low impact lifestyle, SL maintains our vegetarian and non-chemical policy.

  • Bread making
  • Making cosmetics
  • Keifir
  • Preserves
  • Medicinal Garden
  • Household focalizer
  • The soul of the house
  • Nutrition focalizer
  • Market organisation

Organic Gardens

The Organic Gardens department uses techniques that work with nature to create a regenerative ecosystem and food abundance. Sunseed grows its own organic fruits and veg, reducing food miles whilst promoting practical self-sufficiency.

  • Composting
  • Irrigation
  • Seed bank management
  • Seeding & Transplanting
  • Maintenance
  • Experimenting & Research

Ecosystem restoration

Through observation of natural ecosystems the Drylands Management department aims to understand the processes of desertification. We experiment with methods to combat land degradation, improve soil quality, restore the local vegetation, and implement innovative water management technologies.

  • Seedbank management
  • Nursery supervision
  • Arboretum maintenance
  • Fruit trees care
  • Wild harvesting
  • Creative irrigation
  • Earthworks