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Making our own Almond Milk

 During these month we have been making our own almond milk. That was with the almonds that we picked last Autumn and that we have been crushing during the last weeks. With that we have obtain many litres of delicious drink 100% vegetable, local, full of calcium and proteins. Do you want to know the recipe that many volunteers have learn already? Here it is!   vaso-leche-001-559x450 Ingredients 200grs of almonds 2 litres of water We put the almonds to soak slightly cover with water for 12 hours. We rinse the almonds and add new clean water, half a litre. We blend with the hand blender. Filter the milky liquid with the help of a colander. Keep the almond mush, add more water one litre and repeat. Filter again the liquid and repeat the process once more. After the 3rd time you will have a nice veggie drink. esencia-de-almendras-aromaticaleche de almendras (1)   If you like a thicker drink you can add less water. You can also use the same technique with other seeds, nuts and grains such as: hazelnuts, sesame or sunflower seeds, oats… And…what happen with the almond mush? We do delicious deserts, pates and sauces as the ajoblanco…but we’ll tell you the recipe in another post! By now enjoy your drink!