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Sunseed News
The Eco Construction department has been working in the preparation of chumba & lime paint. First you find some chumba and then slice it in small pieces, then cover it with water and leave it fermenting for a week, next friday will see the final product Well, the paint did turned out not quite how we wanted it, it had a greenish colour. We will do another tryout, this time peeling the chumba so we end up with a much clear product. The paint does cover very well on just one coat which is very uncommon when using lime wash so we think we are in the right path for making the ultimate eco paint. Wait for the next update.El departamento de eco construccion ha estado trabajando en la preparacion de pintura de cal y chumba Primero hay que encontrar una chumbera y cortar unas hojas entonces de corta todo en pedacitos y se cubre con agua, se deja fermentar y listo el viernes que viene veremos los resultados