The New Free Shop at Sunseed

DSCF2121There is a new Free Shop at Sunseed.

The Free Shop is a long standing Sunseed institution. Every week for many years our free shop has been a place to leave behind unwanted stuff for the next Sunseed generation or a place to pick up a new Sunseed style outfit. No money, no fuss, just sharing. Many clothes conversations at Sunseed start with the question “Is that from the Free Shop?” or the statement “That used to my T-Shirt, I left it in the Free Shop”.

The Free Shop is a practical place at Sunseed to share and old clothes, shoes and bits and bobs. But there is also an important philosophy behind it about values of sharing, recycling and unnecessary consumption. The world would be a better place if there were a lot more Free Shops.

DSCF2129For a long time, the Free Shop could be found in a dark room in Gayes House. Clothes piled up in boxes and bags surrounded by almond and olive barrels and jars of marmalade. The goods we had were not able to shine!

Vitalie, our previous Sustainable Living Coordinator, started the Free Shop project by moving all the stuff we had collected to the upstairs area in Geoff´s House. Her team sorted things out, displayed things much better, made signs and our AT Coordinator Emil showed us how to make cana clothes racks.

DSCF2133Joanne one of our long term EVS volunteers then continued the project by adding some eye-catching finishing touches to make the Free Shop look like a real charity shop. A mirror has been added, recycled info signs, a wall display of hats, shoes, bric a brac and a final creative revamp took place

DSCF2126DSCF2144If you come to Sunseed, be sure to drop into the Free Shop to grab yourself a new outfit! A big thank you to all those involved in making Sunseed´s Free Shop a fun, accessible and important shared space for all those in Los Molinos.


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