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Sustainable Living
DSCF2121There is a new Free Shop at Sunseed. The Free Shop is a long standing Sunseed institution. Every week for many years our free shop has been a place to leave behind unwanted stuff for the next Sunseed generation or a place to pick up a new Sunseed style outfit. No money, no fuss, just sharing. Many clothes conversations at Sunseed start with the question “Is that from the Free Shop?” or the statement “That used to my T-Shirt, I left it in the Free Shop”. The Free Shop is a practical place at Sunseed to share and old clothes, shoes and bits and bobs. But there is also an important philosophy behind it about values of sharing, recycling and unnecessary consumption. The world would be a better place if there were a lot more Free Shops. DSCF2129For a long time, the Free Shop could be found in a dark room in Gayes House. Clothes piled up in boxes and bags surrounded by almond and olive barrels and jars of marmalade. The goods we had were not able to shine! Vitalie, our previous Sustainable Living Coordinator, started the Free Shop project by moving all the stuff we had collected to the upstairs area in Geoff´s House. Her team sorted things out, displayed things much better, made signs and our AT Coordinator Emil showed us how to make cana clothes racks. DSCF2133Joanne one of our long term EVS volunteers then continued the project by adding some eye-catching finishing touches to make the Free Shop look like a real charity shop. A mirror has been added, recycled info signs, a wall display of hats, shoes, bric a brac and a final creative revamp took place DSCF2126DSCF2144If you come to Sunseed, be sure to drop into the Free Shop to grab yourself a new outfit! A big thank you to all those involved in making Sunseed´s Free Shop a fun, accessible and important shared space for all those in Los Molinos. DSCF2135DSCF2132DSCF2141DSCF2121Hay una nueva Tienda Libre (gratis) en Sunseed. La Tienda Libre es parte integral de la comunidad. Desde hace muchos años la tienda ha sido un sitio para dejar cosas que no se necesitan, dándoles paso para la nueva generación de Sunseed. Gratis, sin problemas, simplemente compartir. Muchas conversaciones de ropa aquí empiezan con: Es eso de la Tienda Libre? o… Esa camiseta era mía, la dejé en la Tienda Libre. En definitiva, la Tienda Libre es un sitio práctico en Sunseed donde compartir ropa vieja, zapatos, y otras tantas cosas. Detrás de su existencia reside la filosofía del compartir, reciclar y no malgastar. Desde luego creemos que el mundo sería un lugar mejor si hubiese más tiendas libres. DSCF2129 La Tienda Libre estuvo escondida por mucho tiempo en Gayes House. La ropa estaba amontonada en cajas y bolsas, rodeada de barreños de almendras y aceitunas y botes de mermelada. Las maravillas que tenemos no tenían espacio para brillar! Vitalie, nuestra anterior coordinadora en Vida Sostenible, empezó el proyecto de llevar todas las cosas a Geoff’s House. Su equipo lo ordenó todo, lo dispuso para que se viera claramente, hicieron carteles informativos y además, Emil, coordinador de Tecnologías Apropiadas, nos enseñó como hacer percheros con caña. DSCF2133Joanne one of our long term EVS volunteers then continued the project by adding some eye-catching finishing touches to make the Free Shop look like a real charity shop. A mirror has been added, recycled info signs, a wall display of hats, shoes, bric a brac and a final creative revamp took place Joanne, una de nuestras voluntarias EVS, continuó con el proyecto añadiendo los detalles finales: un espejo, letreros reciclados, un espacio para los gorros, zapatos… DSCF2126DSCF2144 Si vienes a Sunseed, asegúrate de pasar por la Tienda Libre para hacerte con ropa nueva! Muchas gracias a todos aquellos que participaron en hacer de nuestra tienda un lugar divertido, organizado y de gran importancia aquí en Los Molinos. DSCF2135DSCF2132DSCF2141

Communication and Education
DSCF2038 The Sunseed Library is reborn! The Sunseed Library has recently been given a great make over by one of our summer interns, Chloe. Chloe came to spend two months in the Communication and Education department and one of her main internship projects was to give our library a well needed clean up. The goal was to make the library more accessible, but also a more beautiful and comfortable learning space in the project. DSCF2047Creativity, education and recycling were the main themes behind Chloes ideas for the library. The space has now become a place to display interesting and colourful books that were tucked away at the back of shelves. Some of the most eye-catching books are out for people to browse and hopefully learn from. Topics include mushrooms, seeds, deserts, transition towns and solar energy. We also found some old books that were a real step back in time, for example, “The Young Gardener” first published in 1943. DSCF2045Chloe also used recycled paper and cardboard to maintain the theme of sustainability. The soft browns and greys of the recycled materials have helped the library signs and space look very natural and subtle. DSCF2051She also used recycled paper from one of our recycling paper workshops to display quotations about the importance of reading and books. These small thoughtful touches have helped make the Sunseed library a really pleasant and comfortable part of the main house, and a place for people to make the most out of all the Sunseed books that we have collected over the year. DSCF2043A big thank you Chloe who will always be remembered as the Sunseed librarian of summer 2014! DSCF1113

Volunteer Stories

My name is Florrie and I am 12. I come from Devon, UK. I really enjoyed my stay here at Sunseed. I was worried that there wasn’t going to be very much for children to do here, but there were plenty of projects that we could get involved in.

My two sisters (5), (2) and I were given a special project while we were here which was to build a bug hotel.  We researched in the Sunseed library the habitats that different bugs liked and put together a general idea of what the bug hotel would include and what it would look like.

We created a bug hotel to attract more useful bugs to the gardens, keep the pests away and make them more colourful, productive and attractive.

The project was really fun and it took us all week to complete.It was good because it gave us something to do and gave us a target for our stay and it was great to see it through to completion.We only stayed for a week because we wanted to see how suitable it was for children, but it turned out it was really fun and interactive and I would recommend coming if you have children.

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