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Sunseed News
Here are some of the highlights of what we did.
  • Installed new 930Ah traction batteries at the Main House
  • Wind turbine course – installed a 1kW turbine at an off-grid cortijo
  • Annual maintenance of the Sunseed wind turbine in the Solar Garden:
  • rotor alignment, balancing of blades, protective coating
  • Built open source wind turbine controller circuit and dump load
  • Major overhaul of the ram pump
  • Installed a battery monitor to Isabella’s using an M10 bolt as a shunt
  • Irrigation line maintenance – cleaning pipes, fixing leaks
  • PV course – designed and installed off-grid PV system at Isabella’s
  • Measured IV curves of all the different PV modules
  • Software simulation of all three PV systems with PVSyst
  • Helped with refurbishment of the cana bridge
  • Hosted Greenpeace scouts for irrigation line maintenance
  • Several AT tours
  • Visit to Plataform Solar
  • Wind turbine article for Ecohabitar magazine