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Recently both the Drylands Department and the Sustainable Living department worked together to make comfrey ointment. Comfrey is a well known plant remedy for easing muscle, bone and skin problems, for example, sprains, bites, rashes, muscle pains, even broken bones. Considering all the outdoor and physical activities that we do here at Sunseed, this ointment is an essential part of our natural medicine cabinet!

Comfrey is a native plant of Europe and is incredibly versatile and useful. Not only, is it a great natural medicine but it also is very good natural fertilizer as it is full of potassium. Therefore, it is an important compliment to the work of both the Drylands and Organic Gardens departments at Sunseed. You can find comfrey plants everywhere here.

So if you want to make some comfrey ointment, this is what you do:

You will need:

Cumfrey roots

Olive or almond oil


Cocao butter

Lavender Essential oil

  1. First you extract the comfrey plant

CONSUELDA 1MONTH DESPUES                           IMG_0958

2. Then take off the leaves and keep the root

IMG_0959                   IMG_0961

3. Clean the roots well, chop off any bad bits until the roots are dirt free

IMG_0967                           IMG_0963

4.Put the roots in boiling water for a while to soften them

IMG_0970                    IMG_0974

5. Wrap the pieces of root in an old rag and squeeze them to get rid of their juice

IMG_09766.Keep the remains of the root and blend until a soft consistency

IMG_09847.In a separate bowl, mix together some olive or almond oil and chili

IMG_0972          IMG_0973

8.In a separate pot put more olive or almond oil and add the cocoa butter, then heat them up until the butter has melted

IMG_0982          IMG_0990

9) To the hot pot, add the blended cumfrey roots, the marigold oil/ginger mix and stir everything together

IMG_098810) Remove the pot from the heat and add some lavender oil

IMG_099911)   Pour the mixture into a container and leave to cool