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Appropriate Technology, Drylands Management, Organic Gardening, Sustainable Living
The Sunseed team has been very busy this week trying to keep up with all of the exciting changes. A lot of new faces have been passing through the village to get a taste of sustainable living. These visitors had the treat of getting the full sustainable living tour during their stay. In addition, the visitors ate meals with the sunseed team and shared many stories during the night. This week there was also a jam session at Timbe’s for people to enjoy. Besides giving tours to newcomers the Sustainable Living team has also been doing some major experimentation! First the team is using donated oil from local restaurants to make bars of soap! I hear they have turned out really well! In addition, Markus and his team have been creating delicious goods out of figs that were recently harvested, and even baked up enough loafs of sour dough bread to feed a village! Drylands management has been very busy picking more than 60 kg of Carob Seeds from the trees by the water pump. The team of 4 consisted of Pablo, Natalie, and Delphine and was led by Alicia. Together they picked 5 huge bags in just a few short days. Now these seeds will be sold to feed piggies, and the rest can be used by sunseed to make sweet Carob treats. The Appropriate Technology department is working to repair the battery connected to the solar panels and working on a massive puzzle of building a stone wall. The Organic Gardening team has also been working away the days. They have been harvesting and weeding quite a lot of veggies including 2kg of basil! Today we received our shipment of vegetables and later we will get a lesson on Spanish from Alvaro. Our trusted water pump is working away vigorously! The communication team has just returned from their annual trip to Rototom music festival, where they did some major promo work for Sunseed. More photos and stories coming soon! water pumpcarrabgardening