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Yesterday was a wonderful day here in Los Molinos. The sun is warm again and the almond trees are flowering, but above all after 6 weeks we have finally water flowing again trough the Acequia!

On December 18th, an unprecedented storm hit the province of Almería. In the village of Los Molinos the flood provoked some damages in most of the houses: some walls and paths in the village collapsed, but ultimately it is our water irrigation line, “la acequia”, which suffered the most serious damage.

Since then, Sunseed and the villagers of Los Molinos have been working hard every day digging out mud, gravel and stones from the tunnels, caves and open ditches.
Staying for quite a long time without running water has been a challenging experience for many of us, but also a chance to realize how important it is to cooperate to overcome difficulties.
The whole village stand together and even if there is still some work needed to repair some contention wall, we are looking forward to celebrating this event.

We would like to express our gratitude to the villagers of Los Molinos, the acequieros and all the people who helped us and expressed their support. This video is dedicated to you.