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Sustainable Living

In Sunseed the water we use for cleaning goes directly back to nature therefore we only use biodegradable hygiene products. But also for ourselves it’s better to take care what we are using to stay healthy and beautiful.

Most toothpaste for example contains of a lot of harmful things, that we would not need at all. Such as fluorids, silica, triclosan an others.

This side describes very well what the problem with common toothpaste is and what you should bare in mind:

Natural, healthy toothpaste exists but most of the time it’s very expensive. That’s why we make it on our own. It’s really easy and you only need a few ingredients.
When I came to Sunseed I was very interested in the self made toothpaste because my tries I had before went a little bit wrong. My theeth didn’t feel clean, I had a smelly breath and the worst thing was, when my usually white teeth got a yellowish color.

But the thoothpaste I use here for about 3 months now is perfect. It tastes great and cleans your teeth perfectly. It’s even a little foamy what many of us like.

Here is the recipe we use for about 1kg:


450g Calcium Carbonate

500g White Clay

10g Stevia

15g Xylitol

20g Salt

15 pinches of Grated organic soap

15 drops Essential Oil Cinnamon

30 drops Essential Oil Mint


We mix everything together and that’s it. You have a lot of healthy, wonderful, good tasting toothpaste without almost no work.

If people prefer cream instead of powder they mix it with fresh aloe vera. Which is also good against infections on your gum. But you have to bare in mind that it will only last for a short time so don’t mix to much at once.

We use our toothpaste ourselves but we also sell on markets. Check out on which markets we’ll be next: