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This year, the Sunseed Community, nestled in the beautiful landscape of Los Molinos del Río Aguas in Almería, was privileged to advance our environmental and educational initiatives, thanks to the support from the EUTeens4Green Program. Our commitment to fostering sustainable living and environmental awareness was enriched through a series of thoughtfully planned activities.

The funding from EUTeens4Green was instrumental in enhancing our core projects, particularly two main events that drew significant attention and participation from the community and beyond. The first, an Art Residency named Germinar-t, brought together performers from across Europe to explore and express the environmental challenges specific to our region. This residency led into the second major event, the Festival del Agua, which has been a cornerstone in our efforts to advocate for water conservation and bring to light the pressing issue of the Ecocide of the Río Aguas. These events were not only about raising awareness but also about bringing people together to share in the experience of community, education, and activism.

In addition to these key projects, we also hosted a one-day visit from students of Almería University. This activity was an integral part of our journey with EUTeens4Green. It offered students a hands-on experience of sustainable living practices and sparked discussions on environmental preservation. This visit underscored the importance of connecting educational institutions with real-world environmental initiatives.

We extend our gratitude to the EUTeens4Green Program for their vital support over the past year. Their contribution has not only facilitated our larger events but has also underscored the value of each step we take towards our mission. The partnership with EUTeens4Green has been a key factor in our achievements, allowing us to reach wider audiences and deepen our community’s engagement with environmental issues.

As we celebrate this journey, we acknowledge the role of every project, big and small, in our ongoing efforts to promote a more sustainable and aware society. We look forward to continuing this work, inspired by the progress we’ve made and the support we’ve received. Here’s to a future where our community and our planet thrive together.