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Visit to the Solar Platform of Almeria

by Alexis Tosellini ( Intern at Appropiate Technology Department) The entire team of AT went yesterday morning to the Solar Platform of Almeria. It is the biggest research center on solar energy in the world. This european center was placed in Almería in the 70s because of its 3000 hors of sun per year. It was interesting to see the different ways to use concentrated solar power i.e. how to generate electricity, desalinate water and produce hydrogen. They complete many tests on ceramic materials and different kinds of fluids to show the behaviour in high temperature. BPSyy_YCIAIlMFS.jpg:large In the background of this picture, you can see the ” Sterling Dishes”- Pacos favourite part of the tour. It is really simple to use the most abundant and powerful energy on the earth: the SUN.