Sunseed News

A Sunny Sunseed Summer

After returning to Sunseed as volunteers for the second time, we have familiarised ourselves with jobs which contribute and encourage a sustainable lifestyle. Given the high temperatures this August, our first job involved cleaning and sorting the dry lands by removing used rubber pipes that were previously part of the irrigation system. These are now in the process of being recycled in the local village. Other activities include cooking for the group (sometimes over 30!!!) The meals are prepared by using a solar cooker and a parabolic oven to save energy, although this can only be used in the summer. Sunseed also uses their own organic, freshly picked fruit and vegetables that are collected by the volunteers as a separate activity. While staying in Sunseed, there is also the opportunity of taking part in long-term projects. Eerol Hallikainen, who has just left the project, spent his time working on a ´Drip irrigation system´ which involved filling and refilling barrels of water in a stream and pumping the water through the pipes caused by the pressure of the river. Another long-term project that is being carried out by Ed, involves the writing of a report, which explains how to use a solar tracker. The construction of this instrument enables more energy to be used from the sun, by tilting it in Summer and Winter, thus tracking the suns path during the day. Aside from the work, many of the current volunteers are enjoying meeting new people, learning new languages, taking part in excursions and swimming in the natural pools. A place of hard work; yet also blissful relaxation. By Zana & Jerusha