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Children at Sunseed

If you are coming to Sunseed and you are a child, there may be a few things you want to know. If this is the case, then here are a few things that I was interested in when I came to Sunseed.Here is Sunseed from a child’s perspective.

When I arrived at Sunseed, we were given lunch and we met our guide. She was very kind and helpful and took us all around Sunseed. This will probably happen to you as well. All of the people are very nice and help you understand the way Sunseed works for the first few days. It is very easy to learn your way around the village even though it is very big!

What will happen at Sunseed?

Every morning, you are woken up at 6:45 with a knock on the door. You then go down to breakfast and sit around the big outside table. Jobs are given to you and the other people at Sunseed. You work until lunch, and then you get to rest for most of the afternoon. It is very nice to go down to the little lake in the beginning of the afternoon as at this time it will probably be very hot. Terrapins also swim in the lakes but they are quite hard to spot so you have to be very very quiet if you want to see them.

Around once a week, the adults that are with you will cook for all the other people staying at Sunseed. All the food is very nice but it may not be the sort of food you are used to. My sister is a vegan and vegetarians are also very welcome at Sunseed. There is no meat eating at Sunseed so there is no danger of not sticking to your personal diet.

Animals and wildlife

I loved playing with the cats and dogs at Sunseed. One dog named Natalia may run away from you as she is a bit scared of children. When she ran away from me I was told to let her come to me rather than following her. About a day or so later, when she was fairly near me, I let her sniff my hand and gently patted her on the head. Only a few days after after she came to me to make me stroke her.                                                                                                     There are two main cats at Sunseed which you will see the most, wandering around the village. These cats are called Minima and Ziggy. Minima is a very small cat (which is why she is called Minima) and she is very very playful. Ziggy however  is an older cat who doesn’t really like games but once she gets to know you, he will sit on your lap and let you stroke him.


There is lots of wildlife all around Sunseed such as different types of bugs, insects, and birds. All of them are very interesting to look at and learn about. The people at Sunseed are always thinking about new ideas and projects to make Sunseed a better place. If you are staying for a long time, you and your family can make your own project. At the time I was at Sunseed, there was some discussion about getting some farm animals such as chickens and goats for eggs and milk.

Sunseed is a really great place for all different things and people of all ages. Even if you are the youngest person there at that time ( which I was!) you can still help and enjoy Sunseed as much as the adults. I hope you have a great time and learn lots!

By Jyothi Nayar

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