Meditation Retreats in Sunseed

Programme for Meditation Retreats

June 2016
Finding Deeper Connections:       9th – 11th,        Thurs 5pm – Sat 6pm           €110*
Finding Deeper Connections:       22nd – 24th,     Wed 5pm – Fri 6pm              €110*

July 2016
Being at Ease:                                      15th-18th,         Fri 5pm – Mon 10am            €135*
Being at Ease:                                      27th-30th,        Wed 5pm – Sat 10am            €135*

August 2016
Being at Ease:                                     5th– 8th,            Fri 5pm – Mon 10am            €135*

September 2016
Touching Silence:                              16th-22nd,        Fri 5pm – Thurs 10am         €330*

*Prices are all in and include basic accommodation, all meals provided (delicious, local and vegetarian) and meditation teachings. Three meals per day are provided, as well as dinner on the evening of arrival and breakfast if the retreat finishes in the morning.

About the retreats

This series of meditation retreats will take place at the Sunseed Eco Education centre in the rugged mountains of the South of Spain. They will consist of silent meditation sessions as well as exercises to raise our psycho-emotional awareness. The meditative practices, supported by the rural setting of the retreat and the guidance of the teacher will provide the space needed for inner work, which will enliven our hearts, reawaken our spirits and re-sensitize us to life.

The “Finding Deeper Connections” retreats will focus on how to deepen our connection to others, ourselves and the world around us, thus decreasing our sense of ‘aloneness’ or ‘separateness’.

In the “Being at Ease” retreats we firstly allow inner restlessness and uneasiness with others to rise, in order to courageously move through it and find a greater ease, calm and spaciousness within.

The “Touching Stillness” retreat explores what is in the way of inner calm. Allowing inner conflict, restlessness and tension to surface will support the emergence of the underlying quietness and peacefulness that naturally exists within.

What to expect

The retreat will consist of

  • guided meditation sessions,
  • contemplative walking,
  • raising psycho-emotional awareness through interactive sessions in pairs and groups,
  • talks by the teacher,
  • meditation sessions in nature (cave, mountaintop, rooftop),
  • yoga, relaxation or stretch class.

Just as we can consciously release physical tensions through our awareness of the body and its postures, we can also release emotional tensions simply by recognising them and allowing ourselves to have the problem in the first place. As with physical tensions our emotional tensions have greater power over us the more unconscious they are.

About the teacher

Siggy Verelst has been practising meditation and other spiritual disciplines from a very young age. Having been committed to her inner work and development since her early years, she has immersed herself in meditative practices from various traditions throughout her life.

Motivated by a strong compassion for people and a desire to assist in alleviating suffering through raising one’s awareness Siggy studied psychotherapy for four years and obtained a Masters at the Cairnmillar Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. She has since been practising as a psychotherapist and holds her own private practice when not teaching abroad. She has also investigated the mind-body connection which she studied in India, Australia and at the Esalen Institute in California. She is also a hypnotherapist and Yoga Nidra teacher.

Siggy’s work has been influenced by teachers like Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Carl Rogers and Peter Levine. Because of her interest in both psychotherapeutic theories as well as eastern philosophy, her retreats have a strong psychological focus aimed at increasing our emotional understanding of ourselves and improving emotional wellbeing.

For more information on Siggy visit www.amindfulpractice.com


Sunseed is an education centre for sustainable living and will provide the structure and spaces for the retreats. With a view to educate on low impact lifestyles, Sunseed focuses on Eco-Construction, Organic Gardening, Drylands management, Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Living.

Sunseed is located in a small village, Los Molinos del Rio Aguas, in Southern Andalucia, Spain. Abandoned during the rural exodus of the 1950s and 60s, Los Molinos has experienced a vibrant resurgence since the 1980s and is the hub of numerous ecological and progressive organisations including Sunseed Desert Technology, Cultura de la Tierra and Pita Escuela.

The stunning arid landscape that sourounds Los Molinos and its location in a lush oasis in the middle of the desert provide the opportunity for quiet contemplation and observation of nature.

You could make the most of your trip by combining it with some time off to explore the area and visit the nature reserve Cabo de Gata, the beaches along the Costa del Sol or drive up to the mountain range of Las Alpujarras or the Sierra Nevada.

The closest airports are Almeria (1 hour) and Murcia (1,5 hours) and Granada (2 hours).



Finding Deeper Connections Retreat:       2 days, 2 nights                    €110
Being at Ease Retreat:                                     2 days, 3 nights                    €135
Touching Stillness:                                             5 days, 6 nights                     €330

Prices include basic accommodation, all meals provided (delicious, local and vegetarian) and the meditation teachings.


Sleeping facilities will be in dormitories, with access to toilets, showers and electricity.

What to bring

  • ecological body care products
  • flashlight/torch
  • comfortable shoes
  • a swimming suit for the natural pool
  • earplugs

How to get to Sunseed

Click here.

For questions or more information

Email iloveretreats@gmail.com

To participate:

Step 1: Fill out the registration form by clicking here.

Step 2: Receive a confirmation email with payment details and practical information.

Step 3: Come and have a wonderful retreat in Spain!