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Open Day in Los Molinos

On the 23th of April, an open doors day was held in Los Molinos del Rio Aguas, with a varied and rich market on the main street of the village. This Open Day was held on the main street of the village to emphasis the vibrancy life of the rural village. Our aim was to give people from the outside the opportunity to better know this beautiful place and to strengthen the connection between its inhabitants and neighbors who live in the surrounding area. The village also wanted to offer a showcase to artisanal and local products, as many people living here are involved in a way of living and producing that is more sustainable and empowering, both for the environment and for the people.

Moreover, it was a beautiful day for spending quality time, stories and food. We enjoyed a nice lunch together with our visitors, a big, vegan and tasty meal for everyone who wanted to join, very satisfying especially for the people who went to the Nacimiento walk led by Andrés Perez, from the local association Amigos de Sorbas. Like always the walk is an interesting moment of connection with nature and the threatening of our ecosystem. As we know an ecocide is happening and is increasingly endangering for the river, the animals and all the people who live in the area. It was also a very productive day as we had a nice chat with some activists from Almeria that proposed to us to organize together an informational talk about the ecocide. We are already working on this event that will be held on the 24th of May in La Oficina. We are very glad new ideas and new connections grew on this sharing day! We hope we can all keep up this productive and beautiful energy!