Sunseed News

Spring update 2012

Sunseed has a new bridge! It replaces the slightly daunting stepping-stone river crossing to the River Terrace. Created from reclaimed wooden planks and pallets it uses a reciprocal structure. Two weeks ago Leo lead a seminar on Reciprocal Structures, demonstrating how to build strong roofs, bridges or houses without nails. The wood for the bridge was cut to size and trialled by the Eco Construction team on the far terrace before being dismantled and carried down to the site for reassembly. Wooden pallets were added to the structure as the walkway and stones used to stabilise the base. The gardens, Diego I and II in particular, have been transformed in the past few weeks by hard labour from the garden team and volunteers. There have been a few group flash-weeding sessions, new beds dug and compost bays built. Both the raised and sunken beds have been well irrigated and mulched with layers of cardboard, goat manure, compost and seaweed. Planting has commenced, initially parsnips and carrots, in conjunction with the bio-dynamic lunar calender. There have been exciting improvements and creations in many of the living areas over the past few weeks. A new washing area and shower room has recently been completed using recycled tiles and glass bottles to create a beautiful colourful space. The living room has had a make-over with the addition of a study and library area made from recycled wood and tiles, argarve and gypsum. And Gaye’s House now has a cosy sitting room complete with a wood-burning stove and electricity.