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Communication and Education
DSCF2038 The Sunseed Library is reborn! The Sunseed Library has recently been given a great make over by one of our summer interns, Chloe. Chloe came to spend two months in the Communication and Education department and one of her main internship projects was to give our library a well needed clean up. The goal was to make the library more accessible, but also a more beautiful and comfortable learning space in the project. DSCF2047Creativity, education and recycling were the main themes behind Chloes ideas for the library. The space has now become a place to display interesting and colourful books that were tucked away at the back of shelves. Some of the most eye-catching books are out for people to browse and hopefully learn from. Topics include mushrooms, seeds, deserts, transition towns and solar energy. We also found some old books that were a real step back in time, for example, “The Young Gardener” first published in 1943. DSCF2045Chloe also used recycled paper and cardboard to maintain the theme of sustainability. The soft browns and greys of the recycled materials have helped the library signs and space look very natural and subtle. DSCF2051She also used recycled paper from one of our recycling paper workshops to display quotations about the importance of reading and books. These small thoughtful touches have helped make the Sunseed library a really pleasant and comfortable part of the main house, and a place for people to make the most out of all the Sunseed books that we have collected over the year. DSCF2043A big thank you Chloe who will always be remembered as the Sunseed librarian of summer 2014! DSCF1113