Volunteer Stories

Interview with Sunseed EVS volunteer, Pauline

Pauline, 26, Lille (France)

I was following an Italian teaching formation before I decided to volunteer with Unis-Cite in France. I raised awareness on sustainable living and energy saving. 

I found out about the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program which offers funded placements in organisations across Europe. I was looking for an environmental project in Spain, and I came across Sunseed on the online database; and I’ve now signed up to be here for 6 months!

Before coming here I felt the need to explore manual work; Sunseed has enabled me to discover what I can make with my own two hands. I like that I can experiment with different departments (particularly in organic gardens, appropriate technology, eco-construction and sustainable living) and that I have coordinators to guide me. Aside from this practical aspect, Sunseed offers a variety of seminars and workshops; I’ve particularly enjoyed yoga, meditation, dancing, notebook and origami making, and drawing. I feel like my time here has given me a chance to focus on developing my social, creative and spiritual sides.

My self-motivated project is to expand my knowledge of permaculture. Luna, the Organic Gardens Coordinator has given me a plot of land, my garden, where I can transform theory into reality! Facilitating and witnessing seedlings grow into plants and subsequently provide us with food has been a huge eye-opening experience. I’m always looking for what I can do next, how I will answer the question «what are you going to do later?», and Sunseed is shedding light on what this could be… I’m growing increasingly curious about naturopathy, and as I learn to enjoy living in the present, I will naturally follow the steps to my next adventure.

I have two favourite aspects to Sunseed – the heavenly landscape (particularly the pozas, the natural swimming-pools) and the staff and volunteers team. We know how to balance the work and have fun (parties in caves, pizza parties, festivals)!